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January 31, 2010



Oh my goodness what a ROUGH weekend! Glad to hear y'all made it home okay. Hope Walker is doing well and that you are feeling better! Miss and love ya...


Oh no! Poor Walker! They always say it hurts the mamas more than it hurts the kids. Still stinks, though.
Now you've completely made me terrified of all the things that are going to go wrong with Sadie and Noah while I'm in Africa. :-)
I also LOVED your devotional. I totally needed to hear it! Thanks, Rachel!


yep! never leaving again and if I do I am taking my family with me:)

Duet Diva

Poor baby. I would have DIED (as I am sure you did for a while). I am sick that I missed Natalie's big day. I am sure it was wonderfully perfect. If you have pictures, e-mail me some. I am dying to see the beautiful bride.


poor baby - both of you! I know Leedle held down the fort just perfect. Sorry he couldn't even come to the Stover house for a little respite and some video game therapy. Our house was GERM CITY. Billy didn't even feel like going to the game on Saturday with Leedle - you know that my man is SICK if he can't go see the cats! Love you and hope you feel all better tomorrow and can kiss that little boy's wound.


Rache-you are an amazing Mommy. That's all.


Aw! Poor Walkerman and Rach - feel better soon!

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