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April 12, 2010



Ok, Rachie. I am going to ask this silly question because I honestly DON'T know... how do you search on Craigslist? I mean, know how to do it but oftentimes I get tons of hits and then I don't feel like weeding through them all. Do you refine your search to specifics or do you make it general and take a gamble. I just never seem to be successful at it :(


Get it, sister! That is awesome! The table is absolutely gorgeous! You should be proud :D


Thanks, Abby:). Kim - I click on the city I am interested in (usually Louisville, sometimes Lexington, but only if I am willing to drive that far in the next day or two b/c people won't hold items for long at all). Then I select the catagory that I am interested in. I usually find myself looking at furniture. Next, I click the box at the top that says "has image" or something to that tune. Then I hit search to weed out the ones without an image b/c that is sketchy at best. Next, I usually click beside a listing on the text that says "by owner" and it will refresh with just the items listed by owner and not "by dealer." I do this usually because the ones listed by dealer tend to have more of a mark-up and I find that the "by owner" ones are usually people who really need to get rid of something and are willing to offer a better deal. Does that make sense. Call me if you want to talk. This might be perfect for you and Nick to find some treasures for your new place. Love you!


I live and die by craigslist! I have found so many things from furniture to tickets to FREE!! knicknacks. I have also had grand luck selling good things on craigslist. I am glad that you found a steal :)


Dang! I'm impressed! No I have never bought anything on ebay or craiglist, but you make me want to try!!! Nice work!


I'm also impressed....and jealous! I LOVE that table! Cannot believe you scored it for so little! I never have luck like that! Way to go! :) And, yes, I've bought some things here and there on Craig's list, and have sold a patio set. It's really nice when you come across something you've been looking for and can get it at a bargain!


I'm sorta salivating at your steals. OK GIRL...get at me with some dates...Hank was telling me he misses Walker.

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