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April 20, 2010



So organized!! I too have a problem of letting go :)

melissa b

I need to do the same thing. I have clothes from YEARS ago that I "might wear again someday!"


Love it! I need motivation! Please come to NKY and assist ;)


On that trendy shirt, do you think I could get that from you next month when I visit?! Hehe! So true on your points. I had to do the same thing when I moved 4 boxes stuffed to the max of only clothes out to Cali!


Okay -581 Hawthorne is your next stop. Though I do have the color coordination stuff going on (I'm OCD, what'd you expect?) BUT, I have way too many "skinny" clothes that I'll never ever get into again. No mater how much weight I lose, those won't ever fit my body again post J and J. LOVE YOU!


Yay! SO proud of you. Can I pretend that this was all inspired by my post a few weeks ago?!?


I can't think of much that I do that isn't inspired by you, Shubie;). I have been wanting to clean my closet out since we had that yardsale last summer, but you gave me the final push!!! That's what friends are for, right:). Love you!


girl, send that navy body suit on back to me! i'm going to wear it and run around with the chicken!!! hahaha had to bring back old roomie memories!


Dude that shirt is cute...

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