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April 19, 2010


Jennifer H.

Oh goodness, we've got a very similar issue so I totally understand! The only thing that's worked so far for us is to coax him inside by saying "Let's go get a snack and juice!" He seems to respond well to food and will actually go inside on his own. Also, taking him outside when it's a little closer to nap/bedtime seems to wear him out faster and he doesn't have enough energy to fight it as hard. :) He's still not crazy about coming inside, but it's nothing some crayons and a piece of paper can't solve! Coloring is a great distraction for us and it's something we only do on occasion so it doesn't get old.

Best of luck!!!


Thanks so much, Jennifer. I have found that he does ok after we are in the house for five minutes or so (although he still whimpers occassionally to go out) but it's the process of going inside that he fights like the dickens. I will have to try the promise of watermelon - his fav food right now:).


we have tried bribing and that didnt work for caden. for my sanity, we dont go outside before 9 and he will get his shoes bring them to me and stand at the door and say "out." i am dragging him in too. seriously, i could copy and paste that on to my blog because that is SO caden. so def no advice from me i just wanted to let you know i could empathize with you:)


It sounds like you're doing a great job with all those methods you mentioned. More patience, more love for little W.

A few thoughts come to mind:
1. Get a picnic table at a garage sale so you can spend more time outside. Eating 'out' is more fun and less mess anyway.

2. Just think: if you know it's going to take 50 time-outs for him to learn not to tantrum when you go inside, you don't get angry at #7, or number #47, you just know that he's one more time-out closer to learning what you want him to learn. The hard part is that you don't know what the magic number is. Keep on showing him what you want him to do. Help him learn what is expected, and keep that expectation the same until he learns it.

3. As for tantrums of any kind, the behavior is unacceptable and should be delt with in the same way you deal with other unacceptable behavior. The more time you spend training him and disciplining him now, the more peace you will have in your home as he grows up, especially if there are ever siblings to come along--he will set the example of acceptable behavior for them, too. Conversely, the more you let him get away with now, the harder it will be to change his behavior when he's older.

You're doing a great job! Be encouraged darlin'.


Dont worry it only lasts a little while. Then they realize that they are not a great way to get attention. Promise it ends soon.


Tantrums are no fun! But it's the age! They aren't really old enough yet to reason. 'If you keep doing this, then you can't go back out tomorrow!' They don't get that.

Just keep doing your best. Hardest thing to do is to keep your cool. It does get better. But unfortunately, it will change too. Mark throws a fit in the mornings when I change his clothes. Sometimes its about something different! You never can tell.

Time outs might work, but it has to be immediate and short. Just don't give in i.e. letting him stay out a little longer when he screams, etc. That teaches him to keep doing it to get his way!

Hang in there and welcome to Toddlerhood!


You've gotten lots of good advice! As a psychologist, I can't say CONSISTENCY enough! :) And Jeanne's right, never EVER give in. The one time you do, that's what he'll remember.... (You already know all this :)
Whatever you do, keep good notes for me :)
Love ya!!!


Yall are wonderful to take time to encourage me and give me advice - I am so grateful for each of you!!!!!

Duet Diva

We are there too girl. Charlie is the master at tantrums and for the same reason as W. Being a mommy is REALLY hard work!

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