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April 28, 2010



oh girl... just wait... til he finds something (perhaps purple glue stick) to paint you a "magic" picture on the wall.  or Permanent marker to draw on your lamp shade.  or takes out all the batteries of every.single.remote in the hosue (ahem) or dumps a whole bag of pretzels on the floor because "I wanted the one on the bottom." :-) or my personal favorite.."uh oh mommy I put your toothbrush in the potty with my pee."

My terrorists must be in cahoots with yours.


That same monster is at my house!!!!! (Except mine has blonde hair ;) )


This post makes me SO happy and SO scared at the same time. Happy because Walker is keeping you on your toes...and scared because I know this will be Henry in a few months. LOVE you.


HA! You capture this perfectly! Makes me laugh, but I know it goes on my house too! lol!

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