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June 27, 2010


Melissa B.

So adorable, Rach! I love the fabrics. We've got to get together and sew sometime!


Great job, sister! I love 'em!


Let me know when you're taking orders!! :)


impressed I am!!! You rock, but you already know that. You don't have to sew to be numbero uno in my book! I miss you!!!!! Our internet's been down for a week at our house and I'm feeling disconnected. :-) MUST GET TOGETHER SOON!!! like this week... m'kay? love you!


I loved my lingerie bag! It is so so cute and I love you even more for taking the time to make it for me and coming to my bach party. I don't know if I have a single childhood memory that doesn't involve us getting into some kind of trouble or craziness... and even though you and Emily kept me up half the night rapping into the camera recorder, I still love ya :)


Proud of you Rache - They look great! luvu - yourbabydaddy/husband


I'm so impressed! I've seen the bigger one and it looks even better in person! I definitely wouldn't call them "imperfect"! They are GREAT! Let me know when Philly is going to give you lessons! I need to learn to use the sewing machine I've had for years!
You go girl! ;)


Well! What a seamtress you have already become. You did a wonderful job. Half the job is finding the right fabrics and you obviously have a talent waiting to take off. Look out world we have a new sewing mama!!! Luv, Philly

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