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June 17, 2010



Well, there are lots of gentle ways to make the transition!

Have you ever tried co-sleeping, but not bedsharing (him in a pack-n-play or crib in your room)? Does he have a lovey of sorts (outside of his pacifier)? Does he put himself to sleep? Or do you have to rock or lay with him? Do you wash your sheets with a different detergent than his? Do you use a special body wash, or does Lee wear a certain aftershave that he's used to when you all get into bed and snuggle down?

I've found that Ari HATES a hard crib mattress. While we were on vacation, we made him a floor bed so I could put him down, then sneak off and enjoy the family for the rest of the night. It only worked two or three times - the rest of the time, I could put him in our bed and he'd pass right out. At home, I have to lay a fuzzy blanket down in his crib BEFORE I can put him down - the combination of cold sheets and the firmness of his mattress just tick him off. I enjoy bedsharing but man. We're 7 months into it (Calloway made the transition at 3 months with no problem) and I'm getting tired of it. So we start the night off with him in his own space and he ends up joining us between 1 & 3am.

I have ideas, but this post is long enough, with lotsa questions. I'll leave it right now and come back. :)

kim robarts

Rachee, the marker on the sheets should tell you he is VERY smart!! Don't let him get the best of the two of you. I can remember Ashley crying for hours when in her room. The real key!! Stick to your plan!! He will understand. Boundaries are a good thing. Good Luck. Your being a parent not a friend. Miss and love you all!!!


Sounds like your doing exactly what I would do. Just let him cry it out. Even though its super hard and 3 hours is a long time, but he is testing you! keep getting A+ on those tests by not giving in!!!! Little stinker was marking his territory!!! lol! Just so you wouldn't forget! :)


Hi Rachel - Random, but this is Tracy Kershaw from UK. I was editor of the Kernel when you were part of SGA. I found your blog through Angela Wethington ... she and I became friends when she lived in Dayton.
Okay, now that I've come out of the blog stalker closet, I'll give you my idea. What about moving him into a toddler/twin bed where you could go to his room and help him get to sleep? Make a big deal about his OWN new bed and he might be up for the change. We moved our son to a toddler bed at about 26 months, but I know lots of people do it earlier (or later).


Thank you so much to all of you for your encouragement and tips. The support of other moms menas so so so much. I gave it a break to pray and think through it, then tried putting him down in his crib three nights ago and he didn't stand up and cry. He just whimpered a bit (15 minutes or so), which I can handle. He slept through the entire night in his crib last night. I kinda missed him to be honest. Tracy - so great to hear from you and know that you read the blog. Do you have a blog?


Not really. We have one for our family, but unfortunately I'm terrible at posting!

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