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July 14, 2010



WOW!!!!! Your soooo good at this!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! Way to go Rachie!! Very persuasive and informative! Def. keep it on your blog! I am glad Lee snuck it on here!


Rockstar! You did a fantastic job, Rachel. Perfect face for the Commonwealth and the University of Kentucky! Love ya!


I already told y'all what an amazing job Rach did! Rach, you were made for this type of stuff! You totally rocked it! For sure keep it up. Who knows, it might lead to another job! Lovin' me some Webbies! :)


Oh My Goodness!!! Rachie, you are amazing. I am so proud to have you as the spokesperson of UK Chandler. You are so unbelieveably gifted and talented at this...you truly shine like a star. I am in awe of your skills. We're not worthy...we're not worthy... :)But seriously. It. Was. Breathtaking. I kept pausing it and shaking my head at how effortless and professional and just, wow, it was. Kudos, my dear. You are certainly using the gifts God gave you on that one, sister. Wow. xoxoxo


Move over Ashley Judd...there's another UK alumni making waves with her dynamic acting ability. AND her southern accent is WAY sweeter. AND she actually graduated from UK.

Introducing next year's academy award winner in the medical drama category...RACHEL WEBB!!!

Ajf 6

Music world, in the mind is free, you can go to try!

Duet Diva

Actually "seeing" you makes me miss you more. Way to go Rachel. You look beautiful and classy classy as always!


Great job, Rache! I see a potential career!!!

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