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July 30, 2010


Tucker's Mamma

I'm all about "tools for the toolbox". I don't believe that any one (or more) book has the answer. If that was the case, we would all read it (them) and all our kids would be perfect little angels. (And, I would probably be without a job lol!) I really think it's what works for you and your lil one, and nobody can write that book but Y-O-U! And, yes, it truly is a trial-by-error kinda thing. (Kinda funny when you think back on how you thought your parents had it all figures out!) I think your little experiment is turning out just great! And I also think you're an AWESOME mommy!!! You just keep taking notes for me, okay?!


Sorry nothing about the post, but the picture.... Isnt it just like a MAN to have the remote in his hand! LOL! Sorry Lee I could not resist.......


this is more about the picture too :-) I love that Ang still dresses Gracie and Harper in matching outfits. That makes me happy. I say that as I look at my little guys in matching red polo shirts and blue searsucker pants they wore to church today. :-) Love you and I think you're an awesome mommy. You know that already though.

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