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July 28, 2010


katie burt

I really do think he is a great mixture of the two of you! He is a beautiful little man!

Tucker's Mommy!

Like I tell y'all all the time...he is a perfect mixture of the both of ya! I can truly see both of y'all in him! It's like God put you and Lee in a blender and out came Walker! LOL! Love all three of y'all!


Such a toss up! I agree with the blender statement from Tucker's Mommy! Lee's eyes and Rach's lips, that's for sure. Everything else is a perfect combo. He's pretty darn cute, that's all I can say!


My vote is Shane :)

Kim H.

lol, I ditto Danielle!
Seriously, I think he is the perfect combo and such a cutie!


lee's face your lips.

Melissa B.

Josh said Altee!!
I say he's a mix, but I think he looks more like Lee.


Daddy hands down!


Can we say hybrid child?! No concerns with the milkman on this baby! He's just plain gorgeous like Mommy, and quite handsome like Daddy Leedle. Lee's cheeks and nose. Rachie's lips.

Carmel Gleis

hey sweet girl! hadn't caught up on your blog lately, so i thought i would today :) i think little walker is a perfect mix of the two of you. i know...boring answer, but it's true! miss you and love you bunches :) xoxox

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