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August 22, 2010



Yay for Girl's Night Out! You look fab and like you had a great time!!! I'm thinking I'd love to come when my crazy life settles down in October!


Me! Me! Me! As always- you look lovely. Actually- you are one hot sexy mama!


Who's that hottie in the HOT PINK?!? Lookin' good Rachie! Is there a mileage limit as to how far a girl can travel to be part of Mama's Night Out?!? I'm thinking I have moments where a 3 hour drive, followed by a 3 hour dinner, and another 3 hour drive home would SO be with it to hang with some fabulous ladies!!! Count me in!!!


All of you ladies would be MORE than welcome to join us. That would be fabulous!!! Also, we have started a mama discussion group on Yahoo, so shoot me an e-mail if you want to join us:). Love you!


Awww, I'm so sad I missed it :( I'm def in on the next one!


H-O-T-T Mamma!! :)

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