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November 21, 2010



Is it too late to order one for Becks?!?!?! Seriously?! That is SO cute! Love the fabric you chose!


GREAT JOB Rach! I'm so impressed! The fabrics are so cute and you did a wonderful job! Makes me want to whip one up too.


Oooohhh - I'm with abby... can I order a couple of those for my sweeties???? reallly????? I'll pay ya with some cash and a bunch of hugs.


Hehe - I am not taking orders b/c, trust me, this shirt is very imperfect. But if I could make this, so can you ladies - I promise. I only know the bare bones of operating a sewing machine:). But thanks for your encouragement.


I am impressed Rachel! Max has a shirt close to this, but I bought it online! ;)I am not crafty enough to even attempt to make one.

The Cottage Mama

WOW! It looks great - I love the colors and the name on the shirt is just the perfect finishing touch! Thank you so much for sharing this with me and linking to my tutorial.

Again, awesome job - looks fabulous!


Tucker's Mama

I heart this! And, I'm with the others, when you decide to take orders, let me know lol! Great job, so impressed! You are way more talented than you let on ;)

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