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December 15, 2010


Tucker's Mama

Great post, Rach! We are in the same place. The conversations that Wes and I have had about what traditions we want to use with Tucker when it comes to Christmas have been really convicting. I have loved hearing what everyone else does and ways that they kept "the main thing, the main thing" (in Sherri's words!) when they were growing up and with their children. Wes and I are hoping to not only do that with Tucker, but to set that example with the rest of the family. I love the idea of a birthday party for Jesus. This year, we are sending out birthday invitations to our family inviting them to the Christmas Eve service and then to come back to our house afterwards where we will have a bday party for Jesus where the kiddos can make birthday cards for HIM. Then, Wes is telling the Christmas Story using Tucker's play nativity set.

In the past, we volunteered to help serve the meal that Claudia Sander's does, but haven't for the past couple years because we've had Tucker. I hope that we can get back to doing that; maybe next year he will be old enough to help hand out the toys.

I'll be sure to check back here to see what neat ideas others have!

(Oh, Melinda had a great way of explaining Santa to Celia! Ask her about it if she hasn't already shared it with you!)

Love you!


You're so precious, Miss Rachel! :) I just love that you had a beeper...please, please, please tell me you still have it! I want to page you! hahahahaha Also, have you heard of the Jesus Storybook Bible? I absolutely love it! It's for children, but I love to read it too! Just curious :)


Tiff - I love your idea about the invitations for family. What's great idea! And Natalie, we do have and love the Storybook Bible:).


I love these ideas. here's another good idea for ya'll... anyone heard of the Hermie movies? Max Lucado produces these little cartoons sold at Lifeway. There is one called Hermies Fruitcake Christmas. It is a precious story and the kiddos love it. I got teary the first tme I watched it - it clearly presents the real meaning of Christmas and is very very touching. It has opened up lots of sweet conversations at our house. After we watched it the first time, Jacob even said,"mommy, we don't really need Santa to bring us presents." It was very sweet.

katie burt

I love the Birthday Cake for Jesus tradition. That is something I am totally doing when we have children. What a great way to say "this day is all about Jesus!!"

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