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December 28, 2010



Straps? Harnesses? Velcro?

I kid, I kid!!!!

I'm going to be reading the comments on this post! I need to learn before the time comes to the M household! He can manage to escape the pack-n-play, but hasn't attempted the crib yet...and I DREAD the day he does! Good luck, Webbies!


i like to read your posts. thanks for this one.

Sarah Clore

Super Nanny does just what you're doing. :) Sit in the room, then every night creep closer and closer to the door until you're finally sitting out in the hallway just outside the door. Viola! All problems are solved in just one hour on her show. :)

Big Harv is still sleeping in his crib, but I have worked with others that I have nannied to get them through this stage. I've always used either the door knob thingy (that makes it to where they can't turn the knob) or just a baby gate at their door so there are no escapes. I had one little girl that I would do overnights for and she would get out and wonder around the house. So it was a safety issue, but it was also practical. She would get out of bed, try to get her door open, get frustrated and either go back to bed or go to sleep on the floor. Either was fine by me! :)

It's tough, but you'll look back on this soon and realize it didn't last that long after all. Seriously, once he adjusts to the new routine he'll be set. And, it's better to go ahead and move him to the big boy bed and get him used to that before Webbie 2.0 gets here and takes his baby bed. If you play up the "Oh wow, Walker is such a big boy!! He doesn't need that baby bed----that's for babies" that might help him work through some jealousy before it even happens. I was with a family that moved their two year old to his big boy bed 1 week before they had the new baby. Baby came home and immediately took over his old baby bed in his old nursery. Whoa! That was some pretty serious regression/jealousy. To deal w/ all of that on top of lots of sleepless nights was brutal. So, its a really good thing to go ahead and get this done while you're all still "sleeping" at night. :) You're doing great! Keep up the good work!


Just went through this transition in the past couple months. Luke was wanting us to stay and sleep with him but we used bribery (Christmas was coming and we had an elf on the shelf) to get him to stay ;) and read him books about staying in your bed and talking to Mommy on the monitor if you need something (we have a summer monitor where we can push a button and talk to him too).

He was trying to get out of his bed a little bit for a week or so and I would just lock his door (he can't figure out the locks yet) and he figured that out real quick. I would tell him on the monitor that we were watching him and he was okay so he would get back in bed.

Then he tried the "I'm scared" bit even though I knew he wasn't because he smiled when I asked him what he was scared of! So I told him I would leave his closet light on and his closet door cracked unless he got out of bed and then the light goes off!!!

Now I give him a book and he takes 2 cars to bed and plays for a bit then falls asleep :) Whew! I sought advice from my sis that is a ped. and some of her advice helped me so I hope it helps you.

Just keep adapting. Every kid/family is different! If your approach is working I say go with the approach of easing out the door one night or week at a time but I would definitely try to get him into a settled routine of falling asleep alone before webbie 2 arrives so your life is easier :)

Love you girl! Good luck!

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