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January 16, 2011



I just love that 28 month old!!! And I feel so blessed that Tucker and I made the prayer list the other night! ;) Oh, and I am always amazed when Walker can hear the train coming during Sunday School! No matter how loud it is in there, he hears that train before it's even close! He will stop whatever he is doing and come up to me and say, "Train?" "Yes, Walker the train is coming." Then it's "Train!" over and over until he no longer hears it lol! :)
And if you ever do figure out a way to bottle up that energy, please let me have just one free sample ;)
p.s. I love what Leedle added to the list!


Precious, just precious! He's getting so big and will be an EXCELLENT big brother to Miss Warren :)


Is that sweet little Miss Maggie in the background?!? Walker sure is lucky to have LOTS of practice being a big brother to his baby sis thanks to cousin Maggie :)

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