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January 11, 2011



There are a few really great nursing books for little ones that help explain what Momma's doing and why she always has her boob out. ;) I'll get you a few titles together.

I had a basket of goodies - stickers, bubbles, candy (yeah, I'm that Mom that bribes her kids), books, art supplies - next to the couch that I'd pull out whenever I was nursing Ari (especially in the beginning). Calloway could only play with those things when we were nursing, so it made it a treat for him.

You'll do great, though. It took me about 6 weeks to get really comfortable with the idea of having two babies in the house.


I love the idea of having a special box/basket to use during nursing. I wish i'd had that trick when I was nursing jonathan. I always got books out for Jacob or I'd let him watch Praise Baby when I was nursing. He tended to "need" me more when I was totally unaccessible though -(read - had jonathan attached to me.)
Oh and my goodness - look at that pink frilly outfit. I CAN'T WAIT to go shopping for warren.


Wow-I need the Mamas of two to keep the tips coming! I'm making mental notes of sticker boxes and art supplies to have on hand when Marshall is nursing...LOVE IT.

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